Applying for BSF Scholarship

Application closes January 31, 2024

For over fifty years the Black Student Fund (BSF) has helped families access DMV independent schools. What began as a simple scholarship fund evolved into a service organization providing holistic services and enrichment opportunities. Working collaboratively, families and BSF help students excel in and outside the classroom.

Families selected for BSF membership receive a small tuition grant; emergency resource support; summer enrichment and BSF-funded placement in BSF partner programs/activities. In addition, BSF provides school advocacy; support; youth development workshops; STEM programs and cultural enrichment events. Programming adapts as BSF responds to the needs and talents of its scholars. BSF families are required to participate in BSF programs and activities. BSF families understand that participation in BSF is a major commitment.  As with many things, the value of participation in BSF is well beyond the amount of the small tuition grant.

Application closes January 31, 2024. Call us at 202-387-1414 or email us at

Are you ready to be a part of the BSF STEM movement? 🖥️

Together, we can redefine STEM education and unlock the potential of every young mind.


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