Together We Can Do So Much

For more than fifty years BSF developed and implemented its programs, mostly by itself, helping tens of thousands of students access and succeed at independent schools. BSF continues to assist the access and success of families of color in independent education. Yet BSF is not able to fully respond to the tremendous demand from families and schools for its expertise, network and programs.

In summer 2016, BSF began developing a collaborative approach to its work to expand its impact and export its expertise. BSF invited the Latino Student Fund to become a partner on its Annual School Fair. BSF developed relationships with public charter schools eager to place their graduates at BSF member schools. BSF developed strategic relationships with community groups seeking to create school choice options for the constituencies they served. BSF identified program partners who could provide services to BSF students and families. BSF also developed an “affiliate” status to include talented and deserving students in BSF support programs who were not attending BSF Member schools.

BSF’s collaborative efforts have enhanced its community impact; increased the number of low income families served by BSF; increased the number of new independent schools seeking membership in BSF; and created new opportunities for BSF students, affiliates and families. Collaboration means BSF is relying more on information technology and social media; focusing on organizational relationships; learning how to be an elder styled resource to community organizations and working with more micro-contractors. New relationships are bringing BSF new resources and growing BSF’s influence. Working with more service providers for BSF students, affiliates and families is expanding opportunities; streamlining operations and saving resources.

BSF now actively collaborates with a group of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations with overlapping missions and/or are interested in supporting BSF’s mission. BSF collaborators share monetary, and in-kind and human resources. They value their engagement with BSF and form a community of support for BSF.

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Together, we can redefine STEM education and unlock the potential of every young mind.


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